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Smart Tech 360

A Division of Domotics Technologies, LLC.


We are a home automation and technology company that provides integrated solutions for high rise condominiums, multi-family complexes, independent living communities and to the commercial contracting industry. We are working together with contractors to make your living easier by making a home a real smart home. We are utilizing established smart technology companies for the purpose of  providing the most effective technology platforms for residential and commercial projects.

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If you are looking for ways to enhance various rooms in your home, smart home gadgets are a must-have. We have a wide selection for ambient lighting, climate control, entertainment, and special needs services for any room in your home.

We want you living your best live with our smart technology solutions.


We evaluate your home or business and recommend the most suitable voice controlled solutions for you. We make sure that all components work together seamlessly. Our smart technology solutions will  make your live easier and more efficient – even while you are away. SmartTech 360 takes the pain and hassle out of home automation setup. We provide consumer assistance with programming and integrating your various smart home technology, so they can work efficiently with your voice assisted device(s). 


Monitor your home or business with a click of a button! We can recommend a fully integrated security system that includes cameras, lighting, sound, doors, and emergency response. Get security alerts automatically and control devices with ease. We make sure that our smart technology products work best for you, regardless of where you might be.

Interact while away from home or business

If you’re on a tropical beach in the Caribbean (like St. Kitts), on the way home from work, or don’t want to get out of bed, home automation products make life simple.

Give Alexa or Google a voice command to turn on the air conditioning or open up your home automation app and turn on the lights while on a vacation. We’ll make it happen for you!

Home Automation Fun

Home automation gets you involved. Set your personal preferences and actions, then sit back and enjoy using the latest in home automation technology. Though such technology might seem complex, it remains completely flexible and user-friendly making for a fun experience. Whether its screening visitors from your TV or playing your favorite music using voice recognition, you’ll find home automation surprisingly enjoyable. When it comes to impressing the friends, you’ll be happy to show off your newfound applications.

Why Smart Home Technology?

Smart home technology is based on the idea that communication signals can be sent between devices to make something happen – like pressing a button on a remote control light or on your smartphone to have a light turn on or off or dim. There are various technologies used to make this happen, some use existing home power lines, some use radio frequency, (RF), some using Wi-Fi, and some using a combination of all. We know all that (sometimes confusing) technology and we make it work for you.


Wi-Fi technology can be really fast and quick to configure.  Typically, most home automation devices using Wi-Fi for communication and can be quickly setup.



Insteon technology uses power line and radio frequency to communicate and transmit signals. The Insteon Hub is required if you’d like to control Insteon devices from a smartphone, voice control, or to set schedules. Insteon products run of their own special frequency allowing older generations of the product to work with new ones through the Insteon Hub and home automation app.

Zigbee and Z-Wave

.Z-Wave and Zigbee are the two most popular wireless technologies, using RF technology to communicate between devices.  All Z-Wave devices can work with each and all Zigbee devices can work together – regardless of brand. A Hub, or other Z-Wave interfaces will be required for smartphone control or voice control of Z-Wave products


Our team will make your home a smart home – making sure all components are compatible, tested and working together in your environment.

We also provide you with all the training and support you need (after our install) so you’ll be able to control your home efficiently and without hassle.

Everything you need

We’ll try to use your existing devices (if possible) and give you advice on how to improve your home, without hidden fees or costs.

Freedom with Smart Technology


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